THIS IS WHY at 6 YEARS OLD he easily juggle the ball 100 TIMES ● Football Juggling Tutorial

Hello, here’s as always Anton Pavlinov and the FOOTHACKER. The very first video on this channel was about learning to juggle the ball. And since then, I have got many complaints of not being able to master this skill. And I think it’s time to finally clarify this issue. Moreover today we have such a perfect guest. Welcome Alex. What’s it up!
Remember? The same guy who was mastering tricks at the age of four! And you really liked him! And check out what he has been able to reach since then!

And hello Alex, how are you? What you’ve been doing in quarantine?
Tell me what was your juggling record 7 months ago when the quarantine was imposed?
Yeah, using both feet of course.
Your grandpa told me that you’ve been practicing all this time. And your juggling record exceeded 100 times! Is that true?
And can you prove that, can’t you?
Sasha, I believe you but I’m still a bit nervous! Hope you can do this! Ready? Let’s go!

But firstly let’s take a look at a couple of exercises that’ll help to learn the technique

Exercise #1

Throw the ball from you hands kick it one time back into your hands.
This helps us to find the place of our foot which allows us to strike the ball strictly upwards.
In my case it is the beginning of laces. Also, make sure your foot is tensed, to make the ball bounce off.
Our goal is to do 20 reps with each foot without losing the ball.

Exercise #2

The second exercise. Juggling with letting the ball touch the ground. It teaches us to control not only your feet, but the whole body. Try to stand in one place, not running around. After each touch, let the ball hit the ground, the kick it again with another foot.

Exercise #3
Exercise number 3 – gradual increase.
Start with 2 kicks, switching legs. Our goal is to do that 15 times without losing the ball. If it’s accomplished add one more touch. Now do 15 sets of three touches, then 15 sets of 4 and so on.

Ok guys the decisive moment. Now Alex will show you his skills. Can you juggle over 100 times from the first attempt?
You sure?
Then good luck!

The main goal was achieved from the first attempt. Then I asked Alex not to stop and keep juggling and I’ll just speed it up.

Awesome! 276! Hey what’s wrong? Are you upset? This is unbelievable! More that 100 times from the first attempt! I’m pleased with the result, good job. A high five! Oh, it hurts. Okay, just kidding. Let’s have a rest.

Now I’m going to answer the most common questions about juggling.

Juggle with laces, or toes?
I thinks it is better to be able to do both. Juggling with toes allows you to control the ball extremely precisely. Which is useful in football freestyle.
From the other hand juggling with laces is more suitable to soccer

Should the ball spin?
No, it shouldn’t! But it’s not a problem if it spins a bit!

What ball? What boots? How to inflate the ball?
All these things don’t matter at all. You can get used to everything.

Can’t do that
Can’t deal with the ball
Your lesson doesn’t help

I invited Alex today to answer these kind of questions. To explain that more likely the problem is in your approach. Because if you face such problems, may be you don’t practice properly or give up too soon. There are no other options.
In case of Sasha I didn’t reveal any secrets to him, we was doing the same exercises I showed, he just worked harder.
All you need is try try try, and one more time try. Everything’s pretty simple. Here’s no other secrets. Don’t thank me.
Well Alex, are you pleased with your result?
are you good?
okey, I thins so too.
And thank you guys for watching, hope you enjoyed this episode, hope it was useful.
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infinity of likes friends. Dont’s forget to let me know your juggling record. I’ll read all of them!
And of course. So that not to miss the most awesome videos about football tricks, what we gotta do?
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THIS IS WHY at 6 YEARS OLD he easily juggle the ball 100 TIMES ● Football Juggling Tutorial

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