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The past two shooting for power Online Soccer Academy videos I’ve done are for shooting low and hard. Watch them at OnlineSoccerAcademy.com
When shooting for height you will use a very similar technique so watch those videos so you have the knowledge for this OSA video.

Key Points:
1. Make contact with the ball using your ankle locked, toe down technique.

2. On your follow through lift your toes ever so slightly to give the ball its height. Normally you would shoot the ball with your toe down and hold it all the way on your follow through. This keeps the ball low. In shooting for power by lifting your toes ever so slightly you will give the ball height. The more you lift your toes the more height you get.

3. Before you start your run up take a mental picture of where you want the ball to go. Then think of that image as you run up to the ball.

4. Be confident. Don’t be surprised when you have a great shot!

Equipment Needed:
You need a few balls and a goal. If you don’t have a goal use a wall or fence. Try not to break anything though!

Exercise Player Can Do:
Start off by practicing your shooting for height technique from a stand still without a ball. Do this in slow motion.

Once comfortable shoot one ball at a time focusing on your technique. Do not rush. This is not fitness, focus on your technique.

Once you feel good you can practice hitting a moving ball. Simply pass the ball out in front of you a few steps and then shoot the ball on the move. Do this until you master it or feel tired.

We are not aiming for the corners or upper 90 in this exercise. We are just working on shooting technique for height. Straight, hard shots with height.

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong:
If the ball is going over the crossbar all the time then you are lifting your toes up to much on the follow through. You could also be leaning back when you shoot, lean forward and stay over the ball.

If you are having problems shooting for power and want more key points on that technique be sure and watch our Online Soccer Academy shooting videos by clicking here. Those videos will cover a lot of what was not covered in this OSA video.

Bonus Tip!
Shooting is about technique, not swinging for power. Get your technique right first, then start applying more physical power and leg speed to your swing

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