#fornevernews Episode 235

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The Stories:

0:00 Shonen Jump CANCELS Another Series
7:47 Undead Unluck Might End Within a Couple Weeks
10:18 Undead Unluck’s Anime Studio Announced
12:03 Bleach Creator’s SHOCKING Comments
15:48 Dragon Ball Super Manga Goes on Hiatus
18:37 Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero BREAKS RECORDS
25:07 Bleach “Game” Incoming
26:43 Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 BIG NEWS
29:28 Sailor Moon American Remake
33:46 New Series Beginning in Shonen Jump
36:07 Edens Zero About to Get SUPER DEPRESSING
37:22 Fairy Tail Creator’s Starting a NEW MANGA
39:11 Kuroko no Basket’s 10th Anniversary
40:59 Sword Art Online Gets Postponed
43:13 Parasyte The Maxim Sales
43:47 Parasyte The Maxim Live Action Announced
45:55 Attack on Titan & Vinland Saga Authors Interview
49:37 One Piece Manga Update
50:22 Shonen Jump & Shonen Magazine Author Comments
53:53 Top 50 Best Selling Manga of the Week

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