RGBalls – Cannon Shot : Shooting ball game 3D

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Unlike other arcade games with balls, you will have to experience a real surge of emotions, accompanied by stunning visual effects. Stop bored, play ahead !

How to play

Shoot the balls from the cannon !

Break the blocks of different colors. Your target is to get into the cube corresponding to the color of the ball. The goal is to destroy everything and get to the next level.

The following bonuses are available to you:

1. Fire stone balls – smash objects regardless of color.

2. Color Destroyer – splits all blocks of the same color.

3. Increase the speed of the balls flying out of the gun.

4. Bomb – destroys objects into fragments.

The difficulty level increases as you progress.

Benefits of the game

★ Simple and easy to play.

★ Exciting beautiful explosions and destruction with 360 ° circular shooting in slow motion.

★ The speed of rotation of the gun can be adjusted independently, according to your desire.

★ Support for horizontal and vertical game modes.

★ Upgrade cannon

★ Many exciting 3D levels.

★ Stunning destruction in real time. Lots of fragments !

★ Play anywhere, no wifi connection required !

★ Simple and intuitive gameplay – relax and forget about your stresses! This timekiller game will help you !

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