Going into 2011, the Red Ball Series was in quite a rough spot. The strong physics-platformer foundation established by its first two entries was almost entirely stripped away after three lackluster, puzzle-focused side games released in a row. Thankfully, through his next release, Red Ball 3, the series’ creator, Eugene Fedoseev, finally decided exactly what he wanted a Red Ball game to be: an interactable physics sandbox that allowed players to make of it what they wanted, including trying to go through it as fast as possible. Luckily, Red Ball 3 also came bundled with a few physics exploits and glitches, such as corner jumping and pause jumping, that allowed the speedrun to develop much further than anyone could have anticipated over the span of around a decade. This is the story of how and why 13 different speedrunners set over 50 world records in Red Ball 3, the game that saved the Red Ball series.

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