⚠️Volume Warning⚠️ There are a lot of screams and shouts in the video, Keep you volume kinda low for your own sake.
✔️Important Note- The Volume of the game is reduced up to 60% on every Chase scene so you guys can at least hear me. Keep in mind that the noises I am hearing are way louder that what you hear. (I do this in every single horror game basically)
Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is back and with a long story with a lot of jump scares and even a bigger chase scene in the game. Trust me, watch the whole video, till in end because its totally worth it. This game was really fun, they made it so much better than Poppy Playtime Chapter 1. A long story with fun puzzles and that Crazy chase scene in the end was like a cherry on the cake. A lot of different kind of jumpscares, its been a while since I enjoyed a horror game. They played with the sound effects really well. Again, Watch the video till the end….This was a fun ride, don’t miss anything. Enjoy. Do leave a like if you enjoy.

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