‘Treibball’, ‘Herding Ball’ or “Push Ball”, or urban herding is a sport from Germany that is a lot of fun for both handler and dog. The equipment needs are minimal and dogs of any size can be trained to play. Enrichment game

In this video, Jessie & Lucy introduce you to the basic skills needed to play. It’s a great rainy day activity to burn mental and physical energy! Ball should be your dog’s shoulder to head height, and Yoga balls work well. If your dog keeps popping the ball, try a hard plastic ‘pig ball’ or horse “Jolly” type ball.

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If you want to work on the more advanced skills, instead of where I use the ‘wait’, practice sending the dog to a mat or foot target behind the ball, teaching directionals (left, right) and ball selection.

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Link to video of dog playing the Treibball game:

Treibball rules:

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