Pronetis Games is a game development studio based in Romania with hit titles like Gyrosphere Trials and Overtake. Going Balls is their second and biggest hyper-casual hit – with the help of the Supersonic team, it’s already achieved over 50 million installs worldwide, reached the #1 spot on Android and top 10 on iOS in the US, and generated significant profit. Hear from Ionut Iftimia and Stefan Filote, the co-founders of Pronetis, about their experience partnering with Supersonic to grow their game and beat the odds after experiencing a high CPI.

From mid-core to hyper-casual
Before we were game developers, we were mobile web developers for a popular TV company – 10 years ago we started developing mid-core games. As we were developing and launching these games, we saw the rise of the hyper-casual genre and how much faster they were to develop, test, and publish. Compared to mid-core games which take around 6 months to test and build, hyper-casual games can go from testing to the top charts in just a month or two. Also, we saw that the market was evolving and hyper-casual games were becoming more popular, so we decided to pivot to keep up with the shifting industry trends.

The first hyper-casual game we launched with another publisher was Overtake, and from there we started building out more concepts. At the same time, we started looking for a new publishing partner that could offer expertise, experience, and financing. We heard about Supersonic through one of our friends in the industry who recommended them – we also saw they published many of the hits in the top charts. From our first conversation with the Supersonic team, we clicked – and their clearly transparent approach really appealed to us. We partnered up and began testing our prototype for Going Balls.

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