Dragon Ball Legends Official Gameplay – NEW 3D DRAGON BALL MOBILE GAME 2018 ONLINE PVP REVEAL GAMEPLAY! Complete 3D Online PVP Gameplay for Dragon Ball Legends! 1v1 Versus up to 3 characters per team!

Red Card – Melee Attack
Yellow – Long Range Attack
Blue Card – Special Attack

Dragon Ball Legends is an upcoming MOBILE GAME that will integrate online PVP VERSUS BATTLES! Global REAL TIME PVP on Cloud Network!

Dragon Ball Legends Details:
☆ Distribution Start Date: TBD
☆ Price: Free Download, Partial Item Charging
☆ Distribution Platform: App Store, Google Play
☆ Region: Japan, North America, Europe, Asia, Other (Scheduled)
☆ Languages ​​supported: English, French, German, Korean, Traditional Chinese

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