🎮 These are the sizes of some examples of video game maps, I have tried to be as accurate as possible. The measures have been contrasted in several sources and I have chosen the one that seems most coherent to me. There are some radical cases like TLoTR Online and Guild Wars: Nightfall, whose measurements were exaggerated in many sources, 77.700 km2 and 38.800 km2 respectively. I have tried to put some more realistic measures. Many maps were discarded due to many inconsistencies in the measurements as in the case of Fallout, there are many maps of similar size, so I decided not to include them. Despite how complicated it is to be sure that the measurements are correct, I have tried to give my best effort to make the video better than the existing ones (including my old video). If there are mistakes, please forgive me.
Note: All measurements are approximate, there may be discrepancies in measurements depending on the sources.
Most measurements represent the full map, not the playable area. Larger sizes can be very questionable.
Includes procedural maps, especially the larger ones.
The striped areas are not part of the measurable area.

~ – Approximate
± – Error range
*UM – Unreliable Measure


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